Well folks we had a pretty good season despite the somewhat dismal weather early on in the year. We managed most of our monthly meetings, a few car shows, processions / gala days, and had our 4th Classic Car Day on 1st September.  Despite the cold cloudy and windy weather on the day we attracted a number of folk from outside the area including from Ayrshire Abedeen shire, Falkirk, Edinburgh and Fife included, which is great and of course anyone who cares to join us is very welcome.

2013 started off with our annual drinks get together in Platform 3 in Linlithgow High Street on Thursday 3rd January and a good time it was!

Our 1st regular 2013 monthly meet was on the Saturday 27th April, and we also were successful in May and June so we did not badly.We also turned out for the Marches in June with Joe and the Jeep winning a prize….disguised in star wars outfits (see below).

Prize winner Darth Vader Smith and the 'Jeep'

Prize winner Darth Vader Smith and the ‘Jeep’

July’s meeting saw sun once more and the appearance of the Sylva, Alastair’s new toy, which was the platform for the film of us visiting our annual Bathgate Steelyards show with the Harleys in early August.  Click on links to view – http://youtu.be/-MC2a8C6cl0 and http://youtu.be/L_q2nzjtpb8

The Sylva in all it's glory!

The Sylva in all it’s glory!

We had a busy start to August with four cars in the Ferry Fair parade along with the other local guys who had Jowett Jupiters, an old Ford Van and a lot of motor bikes.

The Ferry Fair procession - 10/08/13

The Ferry Fair procession – 10/08/13

Our late August meeting attracted a lot of cars given the weather was distinctly ‘iffy’ but clearly the rain brings folk out! Martin joined us with his remarkable Bentley R-Type Special..an impressive sight and size!

Bentley Ferrari and Morris 8-Farmers Market-24/08/13

Bentley Ferrari and Morris 8-Farmers Market-24/08/13

4th Linlithgow Classic Car Day – 1st September 2013 – our biggest day of the season!

The 2013 Classic Car Day banner at the farmers market-24/08/13

The show went off well as usual (details on car show page) drawing out season to a close.

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We look forward to see you next season in 2014!