Welcome to Linlithgow Classics, the website of Linithgow Classic Car Group. We’re a group of classic car owners and enthusiasts based in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland, about 15miles to the west of Edinburgh.

The season really gets going from about April until September or October, during which time we meet up regularly to show the cars in the centre of Linlithgow at the Vennel beside the Library just down and west from Linlithgow Cross . This season we’ll be back meeting on the 4th Saturday of the month.   We also visit other classic car events, shows, car museums and competitions around the country, and meet up just for a laugh, a bit of chat, food + drink, and a bit of old car driving.

Please note this season the 11th Linlithgow Classic Car Day & Road Run is on Sunday 28th August 2022.

Please download a copy of the event entry form here.


We started up in 2007 with three or four members and now we’re up to about 40…….the more the merrier!

Anyone in the town or the wider area with an old, classic or interesting car or vehicle is very welcome to come and join us.

Our website is now kindly sponsored by local business Robert Callander Opticians –  www.callanderopt.co.uk  – for which we’re very grateful and we hope all our members and visitors will see their way to take advantage of Robert’s services!

Despite the lockdown seasons of 2020 and 2021 we’re still out and about with the classic cars. Our most recent get together in Linlithgow town centre featured 25 cars from 1938 up to 1990 and we continue to gain and attract new members from west Edinburgh to Falkirk and Stirling. It really is good to be back in action.

In the sun hundreds of car owners, drivers, event sponsors, visitors, and members of the public milled about about 175 classic cars parked up as usual in the town centre – around the Cross, along the Vennel, and up the Kirkgate. It’s always the highlight of our season and this year was no exception.

Park Bistro gathering-1

Rogistration at the Park Bistro in the morning (Photo Courtesy: Lindsay Kyle)

Well that’s it for another season and a successful one it was. We’re  getting over a dozen folk turning out at the monthly meetings now and we only really missed one meeting due to the weather.  One of the highlights of the season was that we won the ‘Best Local Entry’ prize – the Gazette Cup – for our entry in our local Linlithgow Marches procession in June.

Marches Day 2015-Gazette Cup Winners 2

Marches Day 2015 The Gazette Cup – Best Local Entry 1st Prize Winners! – the guys with the prizes

The Classic Car Day in August was the best attended yet with over 130 cars. As usual we basked in the sun and the town centre ground to a halt with the car owners and the general public. The picture below shows the best car of the show winner the excellent Wolseley 9 from Edinburgh.

LCCD 2015-1st prize-Tom Doyle-Wolseley

Best Car of the Show Wolseley 9 – Tom Doyle

So once again we look forward to seeing you all next year at the 7th Linlithgow Classic Car Day on Sunday 28th August 2016.  See you then if not before.


We had an amazingly successful classic car day on a hot and sunny Sunday 31st August with a host of cars and happy smiling faces.

Want to buy a Burlington?

Want to buy a Burlington?

Or drive something brighter? Chevie Corvette

Or drive something brighter? Chevie Corvette

Or maybe a Chunky Chrysler?

Or maybe a Chunky Chrysler?

The town centre ground to a halt with the sheer number of people milling about looking at the cars parked all down the pavement from the Cross to the Vennel…..and buying and eating ice cream! See the car day page for details.

The Cross was a touch busy!

The Cross was a touch busy!

Well folks we had a pretty good season despite the somewhat dismal weather early on in the year. We managed most of our monthly meetings, a few car shows, processions / gala days, and had our 4th Classic Car Day on 1st September.  Despite the cold cloudy and windy weather on the day we attracted a number of folk from outside the area including from Ayrshire Abedeen shire, Falkirk, Edinburgh and Fife included, which is great and of course anyone who cares to join us is very welcome.

2013 started off with our annual drinks get together in Platform 3 in Linlithgow High Street on Thursday 3rd January and a good time it was!

Our 1st regular 2013 monthly meet was on the Saturday 27th April, and we also were successful in May and June so we did not badly.We also turned out for the Marches in June with Joe and the Jeep winning a prize….disguised in star wars outfits (see below).

Prize winner Darth Vader Smith and the 'Jeep'

Prize winner Darth Vader Smith and the ‘Jeep’

July’s meeting saw sun once more and the appearance of the Sylva, Alastair’s new toy, which was the platform for the film of us visiting our annual Bathgate Steelyards show with the Harleys in early August.  Click on links to view – http://youtu.be/-MC2a8C6cl0 and http://youtu.be/L_q2nzjtpb8

The Sylva in all it's glory!

The Sylva in all it’s glory!

We had a busy start to August with four cars in the Ferry Fair parade along with the other local guys who had Jowett Jupiters, an old Ford Van and a lot of motor bikes.

The Ferry Fair procession - 10/08/13

The Ferry Fair procession – 10/08/13

Our late August meeting attracted a lot of cars given the weather was distinctly ‘iffy’ but clearly the rain brings folk out! Martin joined us with his remarkable Bentley R-Type Special..an impressive sight and size!

Bentley Ferrari and Morris 8-Farmers Market-24/08/13

Bentley Ferrari and Morris 8-Farmers Market-24/08/13

4th Linlithgow Classic Car Day – 1st September 2013 – our biggest day of the season!

The 2013 Classic Car Day banner at the farmers market-24/08/13

The show went off well as usual (details on car show page) drawing out season to a close.

http://www.linlithgow.com facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=501092193315771&id=326197937471865

We look forward to see you next season in 2014!

We rustled up several cars once more and joined the Harleys to entertain the folks in Bathgate in the middle of July and happy to say for the 2nd year running it was a warm and sunny Bathgate once more!

Sunny Steel Yard with the cars – 21/07/12

Alastair did the honours with the video of us getting there again – http://youtu.be/DPiOopjy0aM (click on the link)……and also provided the music for the event from his ‘in-car’ system.  Thanks to Enterprising Bathgate for the invitation..!


We got out half a dozen cars and Jeeps on the Marches this year in the sun and the warmth.  The guys had a great time entertaining the folk who were packed at the side of the road…..happy Marches!!

Ricki in the wee van passing the Dyers in the Parade

Hi All – We’re back in action again for the new season having had our start up day at the Farmers Market on 28th April with a few hardy souls turning out and a very welcome visit from Martin and Julie Ewart in their Bentley.

Farmers Market 28/04/12-Bentley, Rover and Healey

This was followed by our 26th May Farmers Market, road run and lunch at the Torphichen Inn and a visit to Donaldson’s School’s Spring Fayre to join and support  the JockMogs….an excellent sunny and warm day.

We’re receiving entries all the time for our forthcoming Classic Car Day on 2nd September this year…..so keep them coming and see you then!

On Saturday 24th September 2011 after our usual Farmers Market appearance eight of us ventured out on our 1st scheduled meeting road run.  We headed for Fife across the two bridges in gloriously sunny weather.  The Elgin Hotel in Charlestown was our venue of choice for lunch, used by many other classic car clubs. The pic shows the guys looking for the way home!

We look forward to seeing you at our last meeting and road run for the season on 22nd October.

Once again for our 2nd classic car day the weather smiled upon us and a brilliant day was had by all.  We attracted about the same number of cars as last year but a complete change with many more classics and fewer super cars than last year.  For full coverage and pictures see the Classic Car Day page or photos pages.

Minister Fiona Hyslop and Provost Tom Kerr welcome the Car Day to Linlithgow!